Innovative technologies get to the classrooms following the rhythm of young generations. That is how Hands On Universe was born: as an alive, creative and innovative project which front door is this website. Here, you can find all type of resources focused on Maths and Physics teaching. Behind, there is a well-connected network of teachers, teacher trainers, professional and amateur astronomers, physicians and mathematicians.

Hands On Universe offers a number of activities to investigate phenomena happening in the Universe while working with Physical and Mathematical concepts. How to find the diameter of the Moon using a coin and some Geometry concepts; calculate your weight in Jupiter by using Physics knowledge; get to know the height of a hill in the Moon by quadratic equations; comprehend Statistics at the same time we calculate the age of the Moon by its craters… all of this is possible by simple problems and tools available in this website.

Moreover, it offers connection to automatized telescopes as well as the possibility of downloading free software and fascinating images that bring stellar science and Universe to our hands.