This application has been developed as a part of the Spanish contribution to the european consortium EU-HOU. It has been funded by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, the European Union (MINERVA program) and the Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid Universidad Complutense de Madrid Eu-Hou Union Europea Hou-España

Director/Written by: Profa. Ana Inés Gómez de Castro
Programer: Inmaculada Reis
Assistant: Alicia Arjona
Didactic Advisor: Ines María Gómez Chacón
Translator: Carlos Machín

Additional material for Maths/Physics teachers:
Astronomical coordinates, distances, fluxes.
The space traveller problem within the Application developed by HOU-España for EU-HOU.
Celestial mechanics: planets motion. Solar sailing in the Solar System. The physics behind the Application developed by HOU-España for EU-HOU.

This application requires JAVA version 1.5.0. Download file JRE 5.0 here.