Calculating Moon´s density

What do you need?

  1. Paper and pen.
  2. You must know about:

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What is the proportion of elements that shapes the Moon?

The Moon is formed mainly by the following elements:

OXYGEN, density: 1.4 g/cc
SILICON, density: 2.33 g/cc
ALUMINIUM, density: 2.7 g/cc
HIERRO, density: 7.86 g/cc
CALCIUM, density: 1.55 g/cc
MAGNESIUM, density: 1.74 g/cc
SODIUM, density: 0.97 g/cc
POTASSIUM, density: 0.86 g/cc

Make your proper composition of the Moon to obtein the real density of the Moon.


How can I resolve it?

What do we know?

We know the average density of the Moon, elements which forms the Moon and also we know the densities of all of them .

What do we have to find out?

You must calculate this one:

  • The proportion of elements that forms the Moon. Observe, that radius will change if you take another choosen proportion.
Work out
  • You can calculate it, if you make some combinations of the proportions, moving the buttons untill to obtein 100%.
  • Use the formule that is known by us to calculate the average density.
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