Concepts related with telescopes
uIMAGE MAGNITUDE measurement of the picture(it's what you take measure)mm
fFOCAL LENGHT OF THE TELESCOPEIt's the distance from telescope lens to the image(es un dato)cm
sIMAGE SCALERatio between the image magnitude and the real images=0.0174fradians
θANGULAR DIAMETERIt is the visual diameter of the object measured as an angle.θ = u / sradians
RMOON'S RADIUSIt is half ot the Moon's diameterR= D/2km
DMOON'S DIAMETERIt is what we are calculatingD = rθkm
rDISTANCE FROM MOON TO YOUIt is the distance from the Earth to the Moon r = 384444 km
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