Grafic of the age of the surface of the Moon.

The following grafic show us the ages of the surfaces of the Moon that we study:

How do we read this grafic?

In the axis X we put the diameter of the craters, in the axis Y we put the number of the craters in one Km^2 acoording the their diameter. With these dates, in the grafic we obtein a interval inside of a zone, and this zone is the age that we went.

How do we interpret this grafic?

This grafic show that we studied: a surface of the Moon with many craters and diameters of the craters big is older (always we compare with a other surface).

If we have 8*10^{-7} craters in one Km^2 with a diameter between 4 and 8 Km, this surface will be old, but will be younger that a surface with 2*10^{-3} craters in one Km^2 with a diameters between 4 and 8 Km.

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